Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your software solutions?

Cloud networking and security go hand-in-hand, and if you are using public cloud IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) then you are using cloud networking. Due to the differences and complexity related to cloud networking, a whole market segment has arisen involving virtual network functions and network overlays. The problem with all of these approaches is that they are just additional things that you need to do, lock-in to new vendors, introduce new failure modes and often are not cost effective.

Nefeli  makes cloud network management easier and more efficient. With Nefeli, you can quickly discover, import, visualize, secure and replicate existing cloud configurations including the ability to deploy new secure remote sites faster and gain control over staff access with secure zero-trust networks. Our product delivers all of the benefits of modern best practice cloud infrastructure deployment but without the hassle of needing to build yet another custom integrated deployment suite. Our no-code experience makes cloud network management fast and easy.

How do you do it?

We import and store your cloud resource configuration and then we layer on enhanced user experiences to solve specific customer pain points with cloud network, security and infrastructure management. This is more than a simple digital twin, it is a completely re-playable copy of all the cloud network resource configuration, enabling revision control, backup, replication/cloning, planned changesets and offline configuration analysis.

How does Nefeli's no-code approach benefit network engineers in managing configurations?

Nefeli's no-code approach with our fully managed IAC and CICD pipeline principles, makes managing configurations much easier and less time consuming for network engineers. Precisely replicate existing configurations while also ensuring top-notch security and compliance standards. This means that engineers can quickly deploy changes and have full visibility into their networks.

Can Nefeli help replicate existing configurations accurately without manual intervention?

Absolutely! Nefeli's no-code approach enables precise replication of existing network resource configurations in whole or in part with just a few clicks. Replicate your entire environment for use in another region for DR or create site templates for easy replications for site expansion or development testing. Once you have created a cloning workflow with any necessary transformations, you can run it again with a single click keeping things up-to-date. Environment replication saves days of engineering time.

How does Nefeli ensure data privacy while working with sensitive information of clients?

Security and privacy are key elements of the Nefeli platform.

  1. Nefeli is a configuration orchestration platform. None of your infrastructure data or traffic enters the Nefeli platform.
  2. Nefeli only stores minimal user data to enable authentication and authorization to our platform.
  3. At Nefeli we recognize that your configuration itself is confidential and private. We ensure data privacy by using state-of-the-art encryption techniques and encrypting all customer data on our servers. We also fully comply with industry-standard security protocols. Furthermore, we employ strict access control policies to protect customer data from unauthorized access.

Does Nefeli provide any support or training for network engineers to work effectively with their platform?

Our team provides technical expertise from the start to help you understand and configure your network infrastructure.

What are your fees and how are they charged?

Nefeli is charged based on the number of resources being managed. To get started, we offer a free tier for both small deployment use and evaluation purposes, so you can test out the Nefeli platform before committing to any fees.

Our business and enterprise tier pricing is currently available by contacting Sales.

How does Nefeli streamline cloud network management for its users?

Nefeli simplifies cloud network management by allowing users to quickly discover, import, visualize and replicate existing cloud configurations, as well as adopt and operate a cost-effective, future-proof approach to site connectivity, client deployment, and secure zero trust staff access. With our easy-to-use no-code experience, you'll be able to efficiently manage your cloud networks with minimal efforts.

What makes Nefeli's IaC pipeline unique compared to traditional automation methods?

Nefeli's IaC pipeline is unique because it takes an innovative, no-code approach to DevOps. Our platform is designed to be fully managed, pre-integrated, easy to use and provides network engineers with the tools necessary to quickly and easily discover, import, replicate, and manage cloud network configurations for cost-effective and efficient operation. Additionally, Nefeli leverages CICD and revision control to ensure that any changes are documented, approved as changesets, and can be rolled back if necessary. With Nefeli you can rest assured that your network configuration is secure, reliable, and ready for the future.

Can Nefeli help maintain security and compliance standards while replicating existing cloud configurations?

Yes, Nefeli gives you the flexibility to replicate existing cloud configurations while keeping all your security and compliance standards intact. Our platform leverages a no-code experience, allowing you to quickly discover, import cloud network configurations, and deploy them in a secure and compliant manner.

Because every change made in the cloud, whether through Nefeli or detected as drift, is stored, you have a rich and accurate long-lived revision history - enabling you to prove security compliance standards to your auditors or business stakeholders.

Is programming knowledge required to use Nefeli's no-code experience?

No programming knowledge is required to use Nefeli's no-code experience. Our platform is designed to provide a truly user-friendly interface that enables network engineers to quickly and efficiently discover, import cloud network configurations, replicate existing cloud configurations and efficiently adopt a cost effective, future proof approach without having to write any code.

At Nefeli we believe networking and infrastructure management is a deep domain expertize first, and a developer expertize second. Your precious experience and capabilities are best used on design and operations, not building custom deployment pipelines and doing integration of devops tooling.

Will using Nefeli eliminate errors and improve efficiency in our cloud network management?

Nefeli's platform was designed for ease of use and drag-and-drop functionality to reduce the possibility of errors in network configurations. By leveraging revision control you can ensure your cloud network configurations are precisely configured and managed in an efficient manner. With Nefeli's live topology map visualization, you will have a comprehensive, dynamic and always-updated overview of your entire cloud network at your fingertips!

Does your platform integrate with other software and tools?

Yes. Nefeli’s platform currently integrates with AWS and Azure. We are adding Cloudflare and Fortigate in 1st half of 2023.  We will actively continue to add new integrations with the software and tools as needed to help accelerate our customers rapidly expanding cloud networking environments.

What experience do you have?

Our team of engineers and developers have a rich history in cloud networking. As a matter of fact, Nefeli is a direct descendent of groundbreaking technology that has driven core changes in computer networking over the past ten years. A team of computer networking pioneers, led by our founder, Scott Shenker, developed software-defined networking (SDN). SDN, and the accompanying arrival of Network Virtualization (NV), and ushered in a new networking era.

Since 2022, Nefeli has focused on bringing simplicity, manageability, and security to networking across public and private clouds while improving performance and reducing costs.