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Nefeli Networking

Nefeli is a secure, affordable, user-friendly way to overcome the networking and operational challenges inherent in public cloud environments.


How it works


Enter cloud credentials

Discover cloud resources

Orchestrate secure end-to-end connectivity

Operate your end-to-end networking


About us


At Nefeli, we've crafted a fully-managed multi-cloud networking software platform that taps into the powerful capabilities of public cloud providers, while providing centralized network deployment, expanded visibility, and seamless management across clouds.

Nefeli's roots trace back to accelerated software dataplane and systems orchestration advancements from the esteemed UC Berkeley NetSys lab, while leveraging decades of industry experience in networking, cloud, and software management.

In essence, when you ask us, "What do you do?"—we harness the cloud's strengths to create one secure, simple-to-use, and cohesive network.  Welcome to the future of networking with Nefeli!


How does Nefeli work?

At Nefeli we believe that businesses should be able to have the promise of the cloud: on-demand, programmable, elastic and pay-as-you-go infrastructure. Nefeli leverages programmable infrastructure via orchestration, augmented only where necessary with enhanced network operations workflows.

How is Nefeli different from native cloud networking?

Nefeli uses native cloud networking and enhances the deployment and operational experience by empowering users to define end-to-end networks without being constrained by the artificial boundaries within or between a particular cloud platform. It provides a flexible and platform-agnostic approach to network configuration.

What observability and monitoring capabilities does Nefeli provide?

Nefeli discovers and imports cloud network resources and provides flexible live network topology visualization to track connectivity health and quickly dig into configuration and design from a centralized portal. We are adding additional traffic visibility unavailable in any other platform.