Nefeli Enterprise

Bringing ease-of-use to the distributed cloud.

Nefeli Enterprise is a secure, affordable, user-friendly way to overcome the networking and operational challenges inherent in distributed environments.

As enterprises have moved to the cloud, many now have their software, data and other assets all over the place – across multiple cloud services like AWS and Azure, and maybe some still in private data centers, or even servers in remote office locations.

Nefeli Enterprise provides a secure, intuitive and seamless user experience to unite and interweave your company’s distributed cloud environment.

See and manage resources across different public cloud and private environments.

Combine network providers’ functionality with tools from cloud providers and third parties

Integrate existing customer tools, such as DevOps, analytics and other cloud services.

The underlying patented technology was developed at the NetSys lab at UC Berkeley and initially brought to market by Nefeli Networks to help large carrier companies improve network operations. Now it has been adapted to simplify the complexities of distributed cloud environments in enterprise settings.


A Cloud Network as a Service (CNaaS) solution, Nefeli Enterprise is a secure, affordable, user-friendly service, that overcomes the operational challenges of distributed environments without any hardware or software capital purchases.

Nefeli Enterprise helps companies that:

  • want to free their NetOps team from the tediousness of managing disparate platforms and cloud-service specific tools.
  • do not have NetOps experience in-house and need a simple, intuitive way to manage the multicloud environment.
  • have been through a merger or acquisition and need an easy way to streamline their networking and cloud environments together.

Centralized Multicloud Management

The Nefeli Portal provides a one-stop-shop to easily monitor and manage a complex distributed environment, eliminating the need to learn and use multiple, complex tools provided by different cloud services.

  • Nefeli Enterprise leverages Nefeli’s LEAN networking architecture to provide enterprise customers with visibility across disparate cloud services and geographic locations.
  • Nefeli integrates best-in-class networking functionality and cloud-native capabilities, creating an intuitive, secure and seamless user experience.
  • Nefeli future-proofs network operations with a flexible architecture that adapts and scales as the distributed cloud evolves.