Calm the Chaos
Capitalize on Your Cloud Investments

Nefeli is the easy button to bring your existing cloud infrastructure under control and set you up for success with properly governed cloud infrastructure deployment.

Simplify your network

Many are touting new cloud network solutions as the way to addressing the chaos IT departments are experiencing as a result of their cloud migrations. The problem is many of these so-called remedies are fixing your headache by selling you another head. The fact is cloud provider's native network dataplane and network functions combine to create a rich network-as-a-service (NaaS). That means the investments you’ve already made can satisfy the majority of requirements you have for cloud deployments. Adding new network overlays, alternative NaaS solutions and 3rd party network function vendors, introduces greater cost and complexity.

Avoid undifferentiated heavy lifting

Focus on getting the most out of your existing investment and infrastructure before heading down the path to adding new cloud network solutions. The fact is the answer likely already exists in your cloud provider. The challenge is most often in design issues due to the complicated nuances of cloud networking, and to do anything beyond toy networks requires customizing software engineering toolsets and adopting DevOps organization and culture that only the very largest enterprises can afford. Don't custom build when faced with managing criticial company infrastructure and data.


The Nefeli Approach


Nefeli delivers a pre-integrated, no-code service aimed at NetOps and infrastructure teams and focused on enabling you to successfully use existing cloud native network features that you’ve already invested in and doing this with all the benefits of a DevOps approach yet without the toil:

  • Built-in revision control, without needing to integrate and maintain with add-on systems like Github.

  • Infrastructure-as-code created by importing the resources you create in the cloud. Use your favorite tool for resource creation, and Nefeli does the rest.

  • Deploy new resources or curated groups of resources according to best practice blueprints, including targeted use of best-in-class network functions optimized for cloud performance and availability.

  • Our unique replication feature makes your work easily repeatable, for use cases like backup, disaster-recovery, and environment cloning.

  • Create draft designs that enable you to review costs and approve changes prior to deployment in the cloud.

  • Recognize changes in the cloud infrastructure that differ from your intended design (configuration drift) and resolve drift bidirectionally by remediating drift in the cloud by overwriting with the stored design, or by selectively accepting drift into the stored design.

  • Purpose-built for cloud network infrastructure, Nefeli also offers higher level functions such as distributed cloud firewalling and network visualization.

Nefeli provides a process for NetOps teams that adheres to modern DevOps standards, often referred to as GitOps, and offers a no-code experience. Without Nefeli, your alternatives for infrastructure provisioning would be:

Nefeli logo
Github + Terraform
Source of truth
Revision control for changes made in declarative configuration
Revision control for changes made in cloud provider configuration
Use declarative cloud resource configuration
Automatically generates declarative cloud resource configuration
Deployment Pipeline
Visual changesets
Cloud cost estimates
Day 2 Operations
Detect drift
Resolve drift - overwrite cloud with source of truth
Resolve drift - update source of truth from reality
Resource health
Revert revision
No-code environment cloning
Resource templates
Cloud Networking
NaaS support
Multicloud Network Security Groups (Distributed Cloud Firewall)
Visualize live network topology
Link bandwidth statistics
Prototyping to production fasttrack
Quality of Life
Multi-factor Authentication
Role Based Access Control

Because Nefeli is a fully managed, pre-integrated SaaS application which we at Nefeli are constantly improving and evolving, you can focus your precious time on solving business problems.