Capitalize on Your Cloud Investments

Bring your existing cloud infrastructure under control with automatic infrastructure management best practices


Avoid the heavy lifting


Creating and maintaining cloud infrastructure at scale is hard. Keeping it compliant with your security, ops, and finance requirements is even harder. And doing that while preserving developer velocity is only possible by building and extending custom cloud automation to directly empower cloud consumers.
The ideal solution to this challenge 

  • provisions cloud infrastructure from a catalog of approved templates, available directly to cloud consumers via easy to use web interface providing rich role-based access control
  • enables new environment prototypes, or acquired brownfield environments, to onboard to mature operations quickly and easily
  • discovers and identifies deviations from desired deployment approaches
  • records all changes to create a detailed revision history for change tracking and reversion
  • enables and automates lifecycle management of cloud resources to save cost and reduce noise.

Nefeli accelerates and scales out your efforts in achieving cloud operational maturity whether you have existing automation, ClickOps, brownfield infrastructure or starting fresh.

Nefeli benefits

For environments not (yet) using GitOps (e.g. manual ClickOps, scripts, API integration):

  • achieve immediate cloud maturity with cloud environment import, creating a digital twin on which Nefeli provides built-in revision control, drift detection and cost visibility
  • accelerate and measure your path to GitOps with automated resource inventory and infrastructure-as-code and state generation
  • enable non-developers to build via ClickOps and then import into GitOps with automated generation of infrastructure-as-code and import state
  • use Nefeli cloning to take existing environments and create a transformed copy for use cases like disaster recovery and testing, and maintain sync between source and target
  • activate changes in your cloud environment directly from Nefeli, or (coming soon) via your existing Git and deployment pipeline processes..
  • apply templated configuration changes that adhere to standards of operational excellence or security compliance (coming soon).

For environments already coded into a GitOps approach

  • automatically identify and manage drift resolution of new resources created out-of-band from GitOps
  • deliver IAM enabled enterprise facing web frontend to activate your infrastructure-as-code templates directly from internal cloud consumers (coming soon)
  • alleviate the toil of infrastructure-as-code review through review insights and automation (coming soon)
  • apply policy to Nefeli's dynamically generated digital twin of your environment.

Nefeli provides an integrated service for cloud operations via DevOps processes, also known as GitOps. Without Nefeli, GitOps can be achieved by stitching together multiple products such as Github and Terraform.

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Github + Terraform
Source of truth
Revision control for changes made in declarative configuration
Revision control for changes made in cloud provider configuration
Declarative resource configuration through Terraform
Automatically generate Terraform code
Deployment Pipeline
Visual changesets
Cloud cost estimates
Day 2 Operations
Detect drift
Resolve drift - overwrite cloud with source of truth
Resolve drift - update source of truth from reality
Resource health
Revert revision
No-code environment cloning
Resource templates
Quality of Life
Role Based Access Control

Nefeli is a fully managed, pre-integrated SaaS application that sets you free to focus your time solving other business problems.