Nefeli Multi-Cloud Networking and NetOps Solution

Nefeli provides a secure, intuitive, and seamless solution to design, deploy, manage, and operate networks across distributed public and private clouds.

The Nefeli Solution provides:

Platform convenience – Offered as a Software-as-a-Service, we enable onboarding in minutes with no need to install and manage additional complex software.

Security – Nefeli enables secure networking by default, supported with strong cryptography, role-based access control, and audit trails.

Visibility – Unified monitoring across public and private clouds enables a single-pane view across all networks.

Reliability – With support for multi-availability zone (AZ) deployments out of the box, Nefeli takes the hassle out of designing and deploying bullet-proof networks.

Portable abstractions – DevOps and NetDevOps proponents will love Nefeli’s unified abstraction across different cloud networks, providing simplicity and consistency and enabling fast deployment without having to learn esoteric in-and-outs of networking in each cloud.

Extensibility – Options to incorporate top-tier commercial and open-source network functions supports both customers who prefer corporate-approved solutions, and those looking to keep costs down.

Performance – By leveraging cloud native-networking and offering optional high-performance network functions, Nefeli supports high performance applications without breaking a sweat.

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